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The Excel Utilities management process is a simple, transparent, process designed to get the best result for your business.

When we work with our clients we believe that decisions you make today are impacted heavily by what the future price of energy looks like;

for this reason, we like to understand your current strategy and any future plans, so we can add as much value as possible.

Once we’ve worked together you’ll see the benefit of having us in place to manage your energy. We do not just find you a market price, we help you manage your business energy!

We will present you a clear proposal for your  Energy Management, so you can understand any costs and the benefits involved.

1.Introduction -You Say Hello – We get to understand your business

2.We get to know you – You give us the ’OK’ with a signed LOA (Letter of Authority), we go to the market with the information gathered, not only on the bills, but using our experience to find ways to cut energy usage and offer energy scheme incentives that might be applicable to your company.

3.We send you a proposal – based on current market prices and idea’s how to minimise your usage.

When it comes to teaming up with Excel Utilities, we believe in transparent service levels . These are designed around you. It’s not about charging you more for increased levels of service, it’s about working out what services you need and what you don’t; making your energy work harder for you (by stripping out anything you don’t need).

When you’re ready to move things forward we will introduce you to your team. Your portfolio manager and administrator. Our people make us great and we want you to be able to pick up the phone and know exactly who it is you’re dealing with at the other end.

The energy industry moves quickly, and a lot can happen one year to the next, that’s why we’ve pro-actively built annual reviews (face-to-face again) . We still feel this is the best way to improve our service and customer relationship with you. We thrive on feedback and we are continuously evolving.

We are trusted by over 1600 companies nationwide to get the best deals and the best quality products available.

Excel will always have your companies best interest at heart, we are always at the other end of the telephone working hard on your behalf.

This ethos has stood us in good stead for nearly 15 years, we want to “Excel” with our customer relationships. The trust and good will we have built over time is at the core of everything we do.

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excel Utilities logo (Final)