Firstly, leasing spreads payments through the useful working life of the equipment – Most businesses  earn revenue over time, therefore spend accordingly, monthly or quarterly

Cash is king and it makes sense to use it for expansion, investment in core activities or critical business needs.  Leasing office technology preserves precious cash.

Budget Management – Leasing ensures a fixed and manageable payment pattern.

Fixed Costs – Irrespective of interest rate rises, leasing payments remain fixed through the life of the agreement.

Preserving Credit Lines – Excel offers leasing from £500 upwards. Businesses can preserve their existing bank credit lines and optimise their use of commercial credit sources. Remember, a bank loan/overdraft can be called in at any time, a lease cannot.

Future-proofing Technology – Leasing allows a business to take advantage of new technology today. By contrast a business that owns IT equipment can only upgrade by reinvesting and disposing of the existing asset.

Flexible Payment Levels – Businesses can choose the payment level. Excel options range from 1 to 5 years. The customer selects the right option so they can have the technology they need at the price they are comfortable with.

100% Tax Allowable – Finance Lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits.  This means that the total cost of your purchase- both capital and interest- can be offset against tax during the lease period, with the leasing payments deducted as a trading expense.